Return to Kita

Arrived in Bamako Thursday night and after not getting any sleep hitched a ride with Vieux back to Kita Friday morning. Incontrovertibly jetlagged I then spent the rest of the day knocked out. I then proceeded to spend today more or less asleep as well. Hopefully I’ll be up and running by tomorrow.

How does it feel to be back? In a sense I’m back because I’m physically here but at the same time there’s this lag in my state of mind between who I am when I’m in the States and who I am when I’m in Mali. Right now I’m in limbo between the two and hopefully the rest of me will catch up with the physical me shortly enough. I have yet to greet anyone in town so I hope that by tomorrow I’ll have slept off this jet lag and my head won’t be pounding enough for me to endure the never ending hellos and how are yous that are inevitable. All in all it’s good to be back and ready to get started on my ish as soon as possible.


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