Death to Mosquitoes!

I came in to Bamako to put on a session for food security and the plan was to come in, do the sesh, go back home for a few days, and then come in for swearin before the new stage gets installed. Easy peasy, or so I thought……

I took the night bus going from Kita to Bamako on Thursday night because I had told our PCMO that I would be coming in on Friday for my mid service medical exam. So I jumped on Mande and lucky me got the good ol’ truck bus (which I hate). After a few hours trying unsuccessfully to sleep next to a dude who smelled like he hadn’t bathed in a while of course it starts raining. So there I am getting near Bamako at like 4 in the morning getting poured on because of course the truck bus has windows but most of them have large gaping holes where a second plate of sliding glass usually resides. At one point I had to move to the back of the bus whilst two random Malian dudes were huddling around me trying to avoid getting rained on while shivering because it was so “cold.” Not exactly my idea of doubling up but TIA (this is Africa).

The next day I spent running lab tests and had a consult with our PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer) after which I was good to go. Unfortunately the next day I wasn’t feeling too hot so I ended up going back. I would later learn that I had somehow gotten malaria. Nonetheless the show must go on so I put on a brave face and did my session whilst extremely loopy and hastily scurried back to the stage house where I’ve been resting pretty much up until now.

It’s been a pretty rough few days but I think the worst is behind me now. That’s kind of how life is here I suppose. There are very high highs and very low lows. I don’t know if that makes life more “real” but it definitely keeps things interesting. Good news! We’ve gotten a new stage house approved in Kita so hopefully we move in pretty soon to the new pad which is a significant upgrade to the dump that is/was our stage house.

The next few weeks and months should go by pretty quickly. Swearin happens in a few days for the new volunteers and then they get installed whereupon we’ll have six new peeps coming to Kita bringing our total to a lofty 13. Luckily they all seem like good people so we should have some fun. After installation I’ll be traveling to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for a conference on food security which should be neat.

Good news! I’ll be coming home for Christmas. I plan on spending some time back home and insh’Allah get in some decent snowboarding, holla.


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