Still Here

I’ve looked back on the past year of blog posts and it’s hard to read some times because the person who I was when writing those crazy delirious blog posts isn’t necessarily the person I am now.  Nevertheless I press on.  I’m in a strange funk right now.  I’ve started the restaurant and from what I can see it seems to be working.  A week in and I’m pretty confident that they will be able to continue without my assistance but what I’ll help them with is taking it to the next level.  I’ve got them set up on some basic bookkeeping but I also want to slowly expand their menu.  Other than that I’m focusing on the sale of Shea butter as well.  Currently we have a network of 13 different villages in and around Kita.  I work with the president of my women’s cooperative and it’s her son who goes around selling the butter around West Africa.  I’ve looked into packaging and in the near future hope to start selling small containers of Shea butter WORLDWIDE.  I have also planned on working with them to get their bookkeeping in order as well so they can see if they’re making a profit and they can better track of their inventory.  Essentially I want them to be hooked up so they are selling the butter for a profit and they have the restaurant to fund projects of their own.  By helping the women of Si Nafa their families benefit as well.

Other than that I’m working on food security stuff still.  It’s almost a year in and I have to question the work I’m doing here and if I want to stay.  It’s not that I haven’t been happy here or that I haven’t been effective but I think we all need to take the time to reflect and do what we have to do.  Some will argue that you HAVE to stay for the whole two years and then you have some who stay for a third year but when it comes down to it we’re volunteers and we can leave whenever we want.  We do what we can for as long as we can.  Life, no one gets out alive.


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