Go With the Flow (Volcano!)

One thing this trip has shown me is it’s just not worth it to stress out about things you can’t control.  Twice now this stupid volcano has threatened my travel plans but so far so good.  I head back to Mali on Saturday so hopefully nothing happens again.  If I can wax poetic for a second it just seems to me that you can spend your whole life planning on doing something or you can ACTUALLY do something.  I went to the Picasso Museum and a quote I found there that I love is:

“Les autres parlent, moi je travaille” – Pablo Picasso

It seems pretty perfect to me because I’m told this all the time when i’m in my town.  My language tutor Abass is always telling me that all Malinke people like doing is talking but they never do anything.  In a way that has motivated me to constantly be doing something or working towards something.  Like the President of my women’s cooperative Sabou says, “The hardest part in doing something is starting.”  So go out and do something, make mistakes, live life a little.  Our time here is too short to be thinking of the things we should have done.

“Je ne cherche pas.  Je trouve.” – Pablo Picasso

I know my aunt hates Pablo Picasso but I think he’s the man and now especially getting a better understanding of the guy he was yes, he was a complete chauvinist and probably a man whore but man, what a bad ass…

To Do List for Year 2

  1. Get restaurant up and running and profitable
  2. Help women get packaging and start making better decisions on what to do with Shea butter
  3. Start a dairy cooperative?
  4. Make all of Mali food secure
  5. Be awesome

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