The Hourglass Effect

I think that a lot of the problems I see in Africa development-wise is not for lack of funds per se but perhaps it’s because the organizational structure in Mali is shaped like an hourglass. There are many government officials and obviously they carry a lot of clout. It seems like the rest of the country is more or less farmers/commercants. There is a huge gap in the middle where industries and businesses and universities and all that good stuff should be, but there isn’t. In the short run the solution is to give people business ideas that aren’t too much of a stretch but in the long run unless the government/aid organizations/Bill Gates invests in education none of the progress that’s made will ever gain traction.


One thought on “The Hourglass Effect

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Education is probably the single greatest thing holding Mali back. The more I think about it, if I were to do anything for the people of Mali, it would be to come up with an innovative solution for improving education and to help combat all the issues keeping people from getting a good education…and there is a long list of problems. For example, because of the missing middle people aren’t motivated to get a good education as it’s hard to see the benefit.

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