Giardia: Round One

Sunday afternoon I was in the stage house and was about to head home but suddenly I felt  a blinding pain in my stomach.  I tried lying down for a while but it didn’t really help.  So then I called up Dr. Dawn and she sent a Peace Corps transport for me.  I ended up getting into Bamako around 3 am.  It turns out the blinding abdominal pain was caused by giardia which led to wonder how I could have possibly gotten it.  I’ve been so careful about what I eat.  I eat with a spoon when I’m with my host mom and I’ve also started to cook a lot of my own meals.  When I’m in town I just go to Chez Issou and get a bowl of zame.  I think I got it from my neighbors.  Before I got sick I ate some corn and I think that may be the reason.  Evidently if people here grow corn they usually grow it in human feces, so the thought of me getting giardia from eating corn seems very likely.  After spending a few days I’m back in Kita.  Huzzah.


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