This past week I had a chance to visit the site where I will be for the next two years. It’s a large town with a beautiful mountain in the distance. The town center is small but you can pretty much find everything you need there. Walking through the crowded market for the first time was overwhelming but interesting nonetheless as this would surely be a place I would frequent over the next two years. I met up with my homologue (the man i’ll be working with for the next two years) and we walked all around town. He showed me the shea butter association i’ll be working with as well as the mobile bank. Both are going to require a lot of work but I look forward to the challenge. Things are starting to settle down and slow down for me here in Mali-la. I don’t feel that feeling of “Oh my God, i’m in freakin’ Africa.” Nor do I feel that sense of nervousness about what to say when someone greets me anymore. I’ve met some of the other volunteers in my area and they’re all very warm and genuine, if not a little quirky but it looks like we have a good bunch. Two years is a long time, but for the things I hope to accomplish it’s not very long at all. But we’ll see, Lord willing.


One thought on “PCT->PCV

  1. We went Stan&annie’s wedding.We met most of your friends.I said hi to them,specially John Ghim?from LA.He didn’t recognized me.I asked them to reach to u.Wedding ceremony was beautiful,chuch was small&cozy,audio was exellent.Reception was wonderful,young guests danced,noisy from joy.It was perfect.We left when they start dancing.I forgot to bring table bouquet which dad won.I am sorry u couldn’t attend there.U will be fine for rest of time in Mali.Pray for u.

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