Packing List for Mali

After talking to one of my friends who spent the last 5 yrs in Congo I started to get some ideas for items I thought would be good to take along with me to Mali:

  1. head lamp for reading and doing stuff at night (bought Black Diamond Cosmo)
  2. surge protector/adapter for computer (bought all-in-one adapter)
  3. dslr for taking pictures (bought Nikon D40)
  4. snacks (granola bars, fruit snacks, and the like)
  5. sunblock
  6. wet wipes
  7. speakers (bought iHome capsule speakers)
  8. lots of underwear (boxers or boxer briefs?)
  9. flash drives (bought Super Talent 8 GB drives, they’re crazy small)
  10. SD cards
  11. backpack (ya know, for backpacking)
  12. luggage (duffel bag?  my mom also has an “immigration bag”)
  13. sandals? (i’m thinking chacos)
  14. sauce packets (for pasta and the like)
  15. bandanas?
  16. frisbee (ya know, for throwing)
  17. headset (skype?)
  18. light jacket for rainy season
  19. duct tape

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