How I joined The Peace Corps…

I remember senior year at Penn State going to an information session for Peace Corps and thought it was really interesting.  Here are these people who get to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience while helping other people out.  It seemed pretty cool.  I was really going to apply to Peace Corps too.  But I got caught up in the whole recruiting process all my cohorts were going through and by the time I knew it I had accepted a job offer.

I worked for a while but felt unsatisfied and so I started to look around for different opportunities.  It was around this time I started thinking back to the information session I had been to in college and so I decided to apply to The Peace Corps.  I finally submitted my application September 2008.  Then the economic crisis hit…..

My recruiter contacted me and requested fingerprints and information for a background check.  She also scheduled my interview for November 21, 2008.  Fortunately the interview went well and I was officially nominated November 25, 2008.  I had been nominated for Business Advising in francophone Africa!

After being nominated I quickly responded that I would accept the nomination which started the screening process.  So, I filled out various medical, dental, and eyesight forms having a whole lot of bloodwork done.  I went through all the steps and was cleared medically and legally.  At this point it was a waiting game until the invitation.

I received an e-mail in February 2009 from the Africa Placement Office.  Essentially there were a decreased number of positions available and therefore for every open placement there were two nominees.  On top of that I would have to wait 6-8 weeks for a final decision.  Having thought that at this point my invitation was pretty much a done deal this e-mail concerned me so I reached out to my recruiter.  I guess she reached out to the Placement Office and my placement officer called me and left a message asking if she could ask me some questions about my application.  She called again the next day and proceeded to ask me a few questions.  After having asked them and being satisfied with the answers she extended me an invitation on the spot.  I was officially invited March 4, 2009 to be a small enterprise development volunteer in Mali.  Next stop Bamako, Mali on July 10, 2009!


One thought on “How I joined The Peace Corps…

  1. It surely sounds like a can’t-miss opportunity. I’d love to take opportunity like this and really be satisfy with my contribution to the world. The life at Mail will be very difficult, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy every second of it.

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